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Ava Therese by Zavate
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A Fun Scrub Top with Big Smiles

Give your patients and healthcare team a reason to smile with this fun scrub top from ScrubBox. It’s covered in classic happy faces and splashed with a multitude of bright colors. N matter what your workday might bring, you can’t help but feel better when wearing this smiley face scrub top. The top may also put your patients at ease and brighten up their moods. Personify “Don’t worry, be happy” with this tie-dye-style scrub top today!

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It Isn’t Any Trouble Just to Smile

This fun scrub top will instantly inject positivity into your medical facility. It’s an excellent way to elevate your team’s work experience and the patient experience while showing off your creativity and individuality.

The scrub top’s smiley faces might also help reduce anxiety and stress, as the smiles they trigger may cause serotonin and endorphins — natural feel-good chemicals — to be released. The scrub top’s happy faces may even strengthen your immune system and lower your heart rate and blood pressure simply by making you smile more. This is a women’s scrub top that just keeps on giving!

Just because the scrub top is fun doesn’t mean it’s not functional, though. It comes with two sewn-in pockets for holding your phone and other essential items as you migrate from patient to patient. You’ll love the convenience they offer, as they don’t require closing or opening to access the contents.

Our tops also come with handy side vents near the hems, which make sitting, reaching, and bending more comfortable. This feature also keeps the tops from pulling across your hips or bunching up for a more attractive look.

Smile Big With ScrubBox

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