About Us

Since 2021, we’ve been helping professionals on the frontline of health and dental care dress for success.

Now, it’s your turn.

ScrubBox isn’t your average supplier of scrub uniforms: Founded by a dynamic husband (Jason) and wife (Jaclyn) team, our company was founded during the COVID pandemic out of a passion for helping service people and professionals (e.g., fire, police, railroad, and EMS workers) look and feel their best with the right uniforms.

The pair soon decided to focus exclusively on meeting the uniform needs of today’s dental and medical workers in the US. Today, they’re breaking the mold of the uniform supply industry by providing collections not widely available to other scrub companies and uniquely offering plus sizes up to 5X. In addition to having two retail locations and one mobile retail store, we provide a range of high-quality, stylish scrub uniforms for men and women in our nationwide online store.

More Than Just Scrubs

Don’t let the name fool you. ScrubBox is well known for its wide variety of must-have apparel and accessories beyond scrub pants and print tops. Customers love our scrub jackets and joggers. We even offer gift boxes and creative gifts (e.g., stylish cups, handy tumblers, graphic t-shirts) designed to put smiles on the faces of your favorite health and dental care workers.

Beyond the “Scrub Boxes”

Law enforcement isn’t Jason’s sole specialty. He has also been a business owner in Illinois for more than two decades. Jaclyn previously worked in Work-site Wellness as a health coach and has been a licensed physical therapist assistant since 2017. She transitioned to a PRN (pro re nata, or “as needed”) role following her daughter’s birth in 2021.

Jason and Jaclyn love giving back to the community in their free time. Jason has sat on a children’s museum board and presides over the Uniform Retailers Association. He is also a Chamber of Commerce board member and a fraternity advisor at a local college. Jaclyn is a member of the Illinois Physical Therapist Association. They are both active in their local church.

Experience the ScrubBox Difference Today

Quality, service, and inclusion are three pillars of our business, and we’re excited to show you that we mean business in all three areas. In addition to keeping plus sizes in stock, we provide only scrubs made with high-quality fabrics from leading industry brands like Skechers and Maevin. We also offer free shipping on orders over $25 and even provide same-day shipping for your convenience.

Q&A Time! - Fun Facts About Jaclyn and Jason

What’s your favorite activity?

Jaclyn: “I grew up playing golf. I grew up in a really small town where they didn’t have a girl’s golf team, so I played boy’s varsity golf…. I [also] love to read and would spend all of my free time reading if I could. I love consuming knowledge.”

What’s something you struggle with that others may be surprised by?

Jaclyn: “I struggle with new technology. Spotify? USB-C? The newest iPhone? I’ll catch you in a year or two.”

What is one of your future aspirations for ScrubBox?

Jason: “We hope to grow our business and pass it down to our children someday if that’s something they express interest in.”