Modern healthcare professionals need high-performance scrubs to ensure optimum comfort as they work long hours day and night. They need Skechers scrubs! At ScrubBox, we’ve hand-selected a variety of premium Skechers clothing for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals who want a smart all-day fit. These scrubs are inspired by the brand’s signature athletic style and feature moisture-wicking fabric, loose-fit tailoring, stretchy waistbands, and more. Pick your favorite colors and get ready to tackle long shifts in style!

Medical professional wearing a comfortable blue scrub shirt and pants

Quality, Size-Inclusive Skechers Scrubs

At ScrubBox, we understand how demanding your job can be and we don’t want you wearing rough, ill-fitting scrubs on a long workday. That’s why we choose the best of the best for medical professionals. Whether you pick modern Skechers uniforms or vibrant Ava Therese print scrubs, expect the best in terms of materials, fit, and performance.

No need to worry about sizing issues when you shop with us. Most of our clothing for medical professionals is available in large sizes going up to 5XL. No matter your size or style preferences, we’ve got a range of true-to-size options to cater to you. Start browsing now!

A Family Company

Having worked in the healthcare field herself, ScrubBox’s co-founder is familiar with the day-to-day needs of medical professionals. She launched ScrubBox with a mission to make comfortable and modern workwear such as Skechers scrubs easily accessible to all healthcare workers.

We want to help you express yourself through your clothing choices especially when you’re at work creating a positive impact. Thanks to the bonds we’ve forged with our vendors, you’ll find many high-end pieces in our collection. So if you’re ready to give your wardrobe a quality makeover, we’ve got plenty of scrub tops and scrub pants to choose from. Find your fit and enjoy free shipping on all $25+ orders!

Medical professional wearing a comfortable purple scrub shirt and pants