Ava Therese Niki Warm-Up Jacket

Ava Therese by Zavate
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Warm. Cozy. Ava Therese.

Staying warm in cold environments suddenly got easier with this comfortable and convenient warm scrub jacket by Ava Therese by Zavate. Our jackets come in numerous colors, making it easy to create an eye-catching, cohesive feel and look for your medical care facility. The hues of this Niki jacket range from coral to blazing yellow can also help you and your team feel even more connected to the company and its mission. Warm up by shopping now!

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Warm Scrub Jackets For Medical Workers

Our Ava Therese warm-up jackets are perfect for staying comfortable, particularly during the winter or a night shift. They’re a quintessential part of your wardrobe, providing warmth, utility, and style as you go about your day tending to patients. Medical care workers love the fact that the Niki jacket is simple to disinfect and clean. It also provides an excellent range of motion, allowing you to move efficiently and quickly.

This jacket features a convenient zip enclosure in the front and two handy slip pockets that are perfect for holding lip balm, alcohol swabs, sanitizer, and other essentials during your shift. The jacket’s rib-knit paneling on the sides also makes it a wardrobe winner for medical care workers. The panels allow your warm-up jacket to move with you, adding comfort and flexibility to your day.

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