Happy Valentines or Galentines!

Posted by Jason Paulsgrove on Feb 14th 2023

Happy Valentines or Galentines!

Happy Valentines Day or Galentine's Day, or just 'hello' for those of you who don't celebrate! Looking into the scrub world, we often see so many collections, colors, and prints for all types of holidays. Are you more of a solids fan? Or a print person? Are you limited as to what you can wear by location of where you work, or do you have free reign?

In keeping with today's theme, please check out some of our great collections and colors from Zavate Apparel in their Ava Therese line for great Valentine's Day solids such as wine or fuschia. We have a great red color in our HH works line in addition to wine, as well. In fact, wine in available in almost every collection at Scrubbox.com.

For those who can wear prints, we have a great selection from Zavate Apparel and Maevn Uniforms including: A Touch of LoveWild at Heart, Otterly in Love, and Gnome Matter What. I often feel as though the prints are the heart of our website. 

Thanks for shopping with us.