Practical Tips for Staying Hygienic and Clean in Your Scrubs

Posted by Jason Paulsgrove on Feb 14th 2024

Practical Tips for Staying Hygienic and Clean in Your Scrubs

Darting back and forth between patient rooms, suctioning patients’ mouths or bandaging wounds, handling dirty instruments, cleaning debris from ultrasonic machines, and doing it all with a smile. The day in the life of a dental or medical care professional is go-go-go, and in all of the hustle and bustle of patient care, staying clean is a priority.

But it’s your biggest challenge.

Remaining hygienic in the patient care field is paramount for preventing infections, enhancing your patients’ well-being, and making both you and your patients comfortable. Fortunately, it’s possible to master how to keep good professional hygiene and control infections even in the most infectious environments. Let’s explore a few practical tips for staying hygienic and clean in your scrubs.

1. Use Scrubs For Work Only

A top tip for staying clean in your scrubs is to wear your scrubs only at work. If possible, switch into your scrubs when you get to the office, and change into your regular street clothes once your shift is finished. This may help you avoid bringing contaminants and germs to your workplace from your home, and vice versa.

2. Use the Right Cleaning Agents

If you’re wondering how to keep good hygiene at work in the medical field, a smart move is to clean your scrubs using high-quality detergents. Use disinfectants, like phenolic disinfectant, chlorine bleach (for white scrubs), or pine oil, to thoroughly clean your uniform. This will help kill any viruses or bacteria that might be lingering on the scrubs. Remember to also treat all scrub stains right away using a quality stain remover or soapy water. Stain treatment will help you keep your uniform looking and feeling professional and clean.

dentist with a child wearing sunglasses

3. Adopt Hygienic Habits

Staying clean in your scrubs is also possible if you wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves when handling patient materials that may be infectious. PPE can help prevent you from being exposed to contaminants like bloodborne pathogens and transferring them to your other patients or fellow team members.

Practice frequent handwashing, thoroughly washing your hands with water and soap, or using a hand sanitizer between patients. It’s another effective way to keep diseases and germs from being transmitted. Keeping your nails clean and short and avoiding wearing artificial nails and jewelry will further help you stay hygienic in the medical setting by preventing debris and bacteria from accumulating beneath your nails.

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