The Future of Fabric?

Posted by Jason Paulsgrove on Jul 26th 2023

The Future of Fabric?

This week we introduced a new collection by Barco Uniforms to Scrubbox called Grey's Anatomy Evolve. This new collection is for both men and women, and comes in a great new style of jogger (with an elastic cuff) and six great colors. But that's not what the chatter is all about. Not only does it fall under the 'Grey's Anatomy' name, it also introduces a new fabric that we are starting to see across a few of our newer collections including Landau Forward. 

CiCLO Polyester:

So what does this mean for fabric? This means that years from now, when we're old and grey, this fabric actually breaks down in landfills unlike traditional plastic-poly fibers. From the beginning of the manufacturing process, this fabric is woven with a nature-based additive that allows for the material to biodegrade, allowing our waste in landfills to decrease one polyester fiber at a time. 

Don't worry though, they're not going to break down on your before their time. They have to undergo a very specific route to begin the biodegrading process, allowing you to enjoy your scrubs for a long time!