Skechers, Stability Warm-Up Jacket

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Skechers Scrub Jacket

Are you ready for the ultimate piece of warm-up workwear? Introducing the Skechers Warm-Up Scrub Jacket with a snap front closure! As a professional who prioritizes both comfort and style, this jacket delivers the exceptional quality and durability you need in a fast-paced environment. Discover a design that allows you to better navigate your busy schedule, along with whatever else life throws your way! Shop the Skechers stability warm-up scrub jacket and pick your favorite color to personalize your look.

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Skechers, Stability Warm-Up Jacket


One Of Our Go-To Designs

This warm-up scrub jacket is a unique piece that’s a must-have in any healthcare worker’s closet. It sets itself apart with true-to-fit sizing that ensures more comfort and support throughout your day, as well as durable materials that hold up — even after multiple washes. You can expect this Skechers scrub jacket to remain just as soft and sturdy as the day you bought it!

Get the versatility you need in various work environments with a jacket that can warm you up in an instant. Of course, the Skechers stability warm-up scrub jacket also seamlessly complements Skechers scrub sets for a complete, coordinated ensemble. The jacket is also available in tons of different colors for more personalization than ever! Find it in over 10 colors here.

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