Smile Jogger Pant

Ava Therese by Zavate
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Shine Bright With Neon Scrubs

Add some happiness to your patient’s day with our bright scrubs at ScrubBox. These women’s scrub pants will instantly add color to your patient’s experience at your medical or dental care facility while also boosting your team’s morale thanks to their vivid colors. Create a cheerful atmosphere with our neon scrubs today!

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Smile Jogger Pant


Liven Things Up

Our neon scrubs can easily transform your healthcare facility into a vivacious setting with vibrant hues like purple, yellow, green, and orange. These jogger pants are also an excellent way for your team members to express their personalities and boost their creativity, mood, and energy.

Another perk of wearing these colorful bright scrub pants at your facility is that they stand out, making it simpler to identify staff members. Each pair of pants comes with two cargo pockets on the sides, making it simple to store and access essential items like phones, scissors, or pens. This means our neon scrubs aren’t just great for spicing up your team’s attire in a fashionable and fun way: They’re highly practical.

The scrub pants come with a ribbed-knit waistband tunnel, which provides an adjustable and comfortable fit while adding some breathability and elasticity to your waistband. You’ll also appreciate the pants’ blend of 10% spandex and 90% polyester, which will move with your body, ensuring flexibility and comfort.

Shop With ScrubBox Today

At ScrubBox, we’re proud to provide signature uniforms for professionals on the frontlines of patient care. Our stylish scrubs can immediately help set the right tone for successful days for medical workers, doctors, and nurses.

In addition to having two brick-and-mortar stores, we’re excited to offer a convenient online store. In all of our locations, we’re selective about the brands we offer to our customers. This means you can expect reliable, long-lasting scrubs featuring high-quality designs from top-tier brands each time you shop with us.

Our passion for inclusiveness is another reason we stand out in the scrub industry. We offer plus sizes, so you can find scrubs that go up to 5XL in our store. Shipping is available throughout the US.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our various scrub pants and tops for men and women. Upgrade your healthcare wardrobe now!