4 Amazing Plus-Size Scrub Brands You’ll Love

Posted by Jason Paulsgrove on May 31st 2024

4 Amazing Plus-Size Scrub Brands You’ll Love

The Best Plus-Size Scrubs

When you’re working long shifts as a medical professional, comfort, functionality, and confidence are essential. While many brands are pivoting toward inclusive sizing, a lot of plus-size individuals are still looking for the right fit. Take a look at our curated list of some of the best plus-size scrubs on the market, with a focus on those that prioritize fashion-forward designs, comfort, inclusivity, and durability.

1. Grey’s Anatomy Stretch Collection

Whether it’s the three-pocket mock wrap scrub top or Eden jogger, Grey’s Anatomy delivers stylish comfort for curvier individuals. Some of the pros of this plus-size uniform collection are the armholes, which are cut small enough to prevent exposure of your underclothes, but large enough to comfortably fit your arms. A shallow V-neckline prevents gaps around the bust area and color-fast fabric that can survive the washing machine for years.

However, there are a few caveats to this brand’s success. Their best plus-size scrubs tend to run a bit small, so you may need to size up. Furthermore, lighter colors may show your underclothing, so you’ll need to invest in appropriate undergarments and undershirts.

2. Koi Next Gen

Most Koi scrub tops for women prioritize a feminine cut that flatters your curves. This brand also has slightly shorter sleeves than others to prevent any excess fabric from getting caught while working. While they do offer up to 5XL sizes, Koi materials have less elastane which makes them less stretchy than other cotton-based scrub brands.

However, some major benefits of Koi plus-size uniforms are their budget-friendly selection, durable seam structure, and unique graphic designs.

3. Cherokee

A brand that delivers variety and versatility for both men and women, Cherokee’s best plus-size scrubs are well-known for fitting true to size. Their proprietary material blend is also known for holding up well — even after months of daily machine washing.

One way in which Cherokee styles stand out is that their pants constructions typically use elastic waistbands instead of drawstring, which can be a concern for people whose weight tends to fluctuate. Furthermore, they prefer to include cargo pockets with tab-snap closures instead of rear pockets. Some people prefer the security of a snap closure with easier access at the side rather than open back pockets.

4.Med Couture

This brand delivers the best plus-size scrubs by finding the right balance between sophistication and comfort. Their modern designs provide a fashionable element to standardized scrub uniforms, while their unique blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester results in a four-way stretch to deliver unmatched freedom of movement.

How To Find Your Fit

Shopping for the best plus-size scrubs is definitely a personalized choice when it comes to style, colors, and materials. Once you know what works best in your work environment, you can start to focus on fit and alterations. Ideally, you should measure yourself before purchasing any set of scrubs and opt for a bit of a tighter fit to keep contaminants at bay and ensure better sanitation.

We recommend prioritizing the fit around your chest and waist, and altering hems and necklines as needed. You should also choose scrub materials that are softener-safe, as many materials tend to stiffen after frequent washings.

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