How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Scrubs: Care and Maintenance Tips

Posted by Jason Paulsgrove on May 13th 2024

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Scrubs: Care and Maintenance Tips

How to Wash Scrubs

Your scrubs go through a lot, so they need some special care and maintenance to keep up with your most challenging days. If your scrubs are getting worn down too easily, it may be time to try out some of these tips and tricks. Check out a better way to disinfect, wash, and recondition your clothes when you learn how to wash scrubs here.

1. Pre-Treatment

When you get a brand new pair of scrubs, you should always pre-treat them to set the color and prevent fading over time. We recommend hand washing hospital scrubs at home in a small basin of cold water with half a cup of vinegar.

2. Wash Scrubs On Their Own

After wearing your scrubs for a full shift, it’s tempting to throw them in with whatever load you’ve got going in next. DON’T! Because you have to disinfect your scrubs, they need their own washing cycle. It’s best to have three or four scrub sets so you can wash as needed without worrying about having enough clothing for your next shift.

3. First Wash Tips

How you wash scrubs involves several steps and more than one wash. For the first wash, treat stains with a color-safe stain remover and wash with regular detergent in cold water. Turn your scrubs inside out, set the wash to a regular cycle, and use the large load size setting even with smaller loads.

4. Second Wash Tips

washing machine with scrubs cycle

After the first wash, inspect the fabric for stains. If any remain, you can run a second wash with hot water and color-safe bleach. But how do you wash scrubs with bleach? We recommend adding ¾ of a cup to the built-in bleach dispenser and running a regular wash. Bleach is also useful for disinfecting when washing hospital scrubs at home.

5. Use The Highest Dryer Setting

With both washes finished, it’s time for the dryer. Run your scrubs in the dryer for 30 minutes on the highest heat setting to kill any remaining bacteria. You can also run a fluff cycle to prevent any wrinkles in your scrubs.

6. Only Wear Scrubs at Work

While this isn’t technically information on how to wash scrubs, it’s still very important. Reserve your scrubs for work and change before leaving. Place your scrubs in double-bagged plastic before coming home to ensure you’re following proper infection control regulations.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to wash scrubs, you can ensure better care and maintenance that enhance the durability of your workwear. Do you have more tips and tricks for scrub care? Leave a comment to share your knowledge!